Avrupa Standartlarında Yerli Üretim

Steam Pressurized Air Separators


Separating the water and present dirts existing in steam, air and gas circuits from the system, these are the products to keep steam, air and natural gas in a dry and clean status.

Liquid drops circulating freely within the installation can only be collected via separators. Freely moving, vapour filled gas in various sizes start centrifugal movement when  enters into the separator rotating around conic internal structure downwards. Liquid particles inside the gas, liquid drops and residues are separated through dispersion. Liquid and residues Are collected under the separating plate, and dry and clean gas proceeds on its way within the installation. Separated liquid and residues are discharged via steamtrap or   manually.



  •  Durable, light and maintenance-free design.
  •  Manufactured from welded construction, carbon steel or stainless steel.
  •  Optinal flanged, threaded or socket connection in compliance with ISO, DIN and ANSI norms
  •  Manufacture in special dimensions when required for installation easiness.
  •  Pressure resistance and leakage test in all items.