Avrupa Standartlarında Yerli Üretim

Stainless Residue And Dirt Separator


As a result of oxygen diffusion taking place generally in plastic pipes, there occurs erosion in the installation and residues and dirts due to such erosion start to circulate in the installation.


Considering the use of many classical  traps within the installation;


With the intent of taking oout the dirt ans residue, trams are required to be opened by means of wrench for service. At that time, the system needs to be stopped and comfort is interrupt. SANCAK residue and dirt separator is used one piece per installation. Opening the nodular valve at the bottom of the product to discharge dirt, it is easily thrown out. There is no need to stop the system. Residue and dirt inside the water cause failures, abrasion and performance decrease in pumps, motorized valve and other armatures, constantly increasing maintenance reqwuirements and corrosion. Thanks to this product, difficulties in maintenance and cleaning of classical tramps are eliminated and likely failures due to such difficulties are prevented.





Standart Materials


Operating Temperature 110 °C
Operating Pressure 10 Bar
Housing Stainless Steel
Internal Parts Stainless Steel


Bağlantı Çapı Ölçüler
DN Inç/Inch ØD LD H h1
20 3/4″ 60.3 110 180 35
25 1″ 60.3 110 180 35
32 1 1/4″ 60.3 110 180 35
40 1 1/2″ 88.9 140 205 35
50 2″ 88.9 140 205 40