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Stainless Disco Checkvalve


SANCAK disco checkvalves can be used for fluids such as liquids, gasses and vapour. Allowing desired flow direction of fluid in the installation and not allowing its flow in the reverse direction, Disco checkvalves ensures that flow is unidirectional. SANCAK disco checkvalves are advantageous and practical products thanks to feautures such as short installation distance, saving from space and easy installation capability.


With the repulsive force of stainless dics spring installed inside the housing, they ensure leaktightness sitting on precisely processed internal stress surface. When the flow in the desired direction is started in the installation, the spring is shortened with the movement of fluid, the disc is opened allowing passage. In case of flow in reverse direction, the disc is closed.
Thus a unidirectional flow is ensured on the line where check valve is installed.



Max. Operating Pressure: Up to 40 bar        Max. Operating Temperature: 300 °C


Standard Materials

1 Housing Stainless Steel
2 Valve Stainless Steel
3 Closing Spring Stainless Steel
4 Spring Holder Stainless Steel
5 Centering Ring Stainless Steel


Bağlantı Çapı Ölçüler
20 3/4″ 47 19
25 1″ 56 21
32 1 1/4″ 72 28
40 1 1/2″ 82 32
50 2″ 95 39
65 2 1/2″ 115 46
80 3″ 132 50
100 4″ 152 60