Avrupa Standartlarında Yerli Üretim

Ball Type Check Valve


SANCAK ball type check valves are used in fluids with high viscosity including particles such as dirty water, drainage water, cesspool, process waste water and muddy water.
There is a mobile ball inside the check valve. Rolling with the fluid, this constantly moving ball with special surface cover cleans itself and prevents dirt accumulation in its periphery and ensures operation of check valve without jamming.


There is a maintenance lid on the check valve. Thanks to this lid, control, cleaning maintenance and repair can be carried out without removing check valve from the installation, the ball can be replaced if required.

  • Thanks to ball type special structure, it is not blocked, no jamming occurs.
  • It can used in vertical and horizontal position.
  • Pressure loss is low, it does not cause energy loss.
  • Thanks to maintenance lid it is possible to make cleaning and repair without removing the valve from the installation.




Standard Materials

1 Housing Pig Casting
2 Ball Hardened Epoxy Resin
3 Maintenance Lid Pig Casting
4 O-Ring EPDM Rubber


Installation Instruction
SANCAK ball type check valves can be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions to the installations.

located in a way the ball is upwards (in a way it can fall down with its own weight)



While making the installation, adequate movement space should be left around check valve considering that maintenance lid can be opened from time to time.