Avrupa Standartlarında Yerli Üretim

Magnetic Level Indicator


Available to be used in almost any kind of liquid and control applications. Thanks to stainless steel housing, it allows the opportunity which cannot be found in conventional type indicators and eliminates the risk of leakage to atmosphere. The device operates using lifting force of liquids and propulsion and tensile principles of electromagnetics together. Change of level inside the tank at the same time changes the level of liquid in the tube thus moving the float valve inside the level indicator. Magnets inside the float valve allow us to control liquid level ensuring rotation of   flaps on the outer surface inside the  profile.



SANCAK level control devices offers a height-adjustable warning receiver system easy to intall upon request. Special switches are used in contact points and an automation system could be established upon request by means of role groups in different numbers.

Usage areas; fuel containers, chemical industry, refineries and petroleum products, steam boilers, fill-discharge containers, condensable gas tanks, all open and closed containers, underground tanks.

  • Oportunity to monitor the level quickly and constantly
  • Automation opportunity
  • Safe housing not affected by shocks
  • Zero leakage to atmosphere
  • Safe design proper to dangerous and toxic fluids
  • 180º rotatable indicator profile
  • Operability under high temperatures and pressures
  • Production availability in desired dimensions
  • Production availability in different assembly forms
  • Easy installation and long life
  • Easy maintenance
  • More economic than old method level indicators





Standard Materials


1 Flang Connection Carbon Steel
2 Connection Pipe Stainless Steel
3 Spring Stainless Steel
4 Bypas Pipe Stainless Steel
5 Indicator Profile Aluminium
6 Magnetic Discs Plastic
7 Float Valve Stainless Steel
8 Bild Flange Stainless Steel