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Immersion Type Level Control Device


Immersion type level control devices are produced for the control of liquid level in various pressure and shape containers. The change in liquid level ensures movement of float valve towards the tube and it alerts
the switch thanks to the contact with the magnet inside. The signal received from reed switches is sent to role circuit.
Depending upon request, Role circuit controls the operation of motor, selonoid and motorized valve, or provides information to the operator with light warning or buzzer if desired. Usage areas; Fuel containers, chemical industry, refineries and petroleum products, steam boilers, fill-discharge containers, underground tanks, fuel tanks, waste water and sewage systems.



  • Precise level control opportunity
  • Normally open or closed contact taking ability
  • Impermeability
  • Constant control opportunity
  • Long life
  • Operation opportunity without  dependence on the shape of the tank to be used





1 Connection Box Stainless Steel
2 Flange Connection Carbon steel (Stainless Steel Upon Request)
3 Threaded Connection Carbon steel (Stainless Steel Upon Request)
4 Pipe Stainless Steel
5 Floating Valve Stainless Steel
6 Floating Valve Holder Stainless Steel
7 Control Panel Plastic