Avrupa Standartlarında Yerli Üretim

Stainless Air Separator


Molten air and gases in service water turn into gas with the increase of water temperature and start to circulate with water in installation. Metal materials in the installation may cause noise, circulation impairments and cavitation in pumps just as corrosion Air penetration  into radiators

will lead to heat problems. As there is constant air intake into the system especially  in installations without oxygen barrier wher e plastic pipe is used and underfloor heating installations, this problem gets bigger.



SANCAK stainless air separators;

  • Ensures air discharge separating the air in thesystem.
  • The air is continuously discharged while the system is in operation during air discharge without a need to stop the pump.





Standard Materials

Operating Temperature 110 °C
Operating Pressure 10 Bar
Housing Stainless Steel
Internal Parts Stainless Steel


Bağlantı Çapı Ölçüler
DN İnç ØD LD H h1
20 3/4″ 60.3 110 180 35
25 1″ 60.3 110 180 35
32 1 1/4″ 60.3 110 180 35
40 1 1/2″ 88.9 140 190 35
50 2″ 88.9 140 190 40