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Limit Switch Box


SANCAK Limit Switch Box is used for receiving open-closed signal from the valves with rotary-type pneumatic  actuator.

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  •  Spring weighed cam system that can be adjusted easily
  •  Continuous visual position indicator
  •  IP67 protection
  •  Connections suitable for the actuator in compliance with Namur standard
  •  Single cable is installed for direction valve and switch box through connection system allowing assembly of direction valve directly in the box.



Standard Materials



Housing Aluminium İnjection
Indicator Transparent Plastic
Bolt Stainless Steel
Shaft Stainless Steel
Gasket EPDM



It is made of stainless steel in compliance with NAMUR Standard.


30 x 80 h:20
30 x 80 h:30
30 x 180 h:30
30 x 130 h:50


Technical Specifications 


Protection Class IP67
Operating temperature -20 °C   +80 °C
Cable Entry 2 x G1/2″
Terminal 8 Points
Position Indicator 3 Dimensional- 0°, 90° Open/Closed